An African Canvas - features artworks & paintings by Peter Pharoah - contemporary South African Fine Artist Peter Pharoah - contemporary South African Fine Artist - his unique artworks of Africa's wildlife, tribal portraits and contemporary abstract original and prints.
Peter Pharoah's collection of contemporary fine art originals & prints features contemporary African portraits, wildlife and abstracts in his unique style.
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The Smoke that thunders...
The Smoke that thunders...
On Safari in Motopos
Vultures at a kill in Hwange

Up close with the awesome white rhino
What's under the hood?
Mama is a little disturbed by encountering us on the footpath. Were we trespassing?
The reason we were charged!

Nature in all its guises.
Land of Contrasts
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Zimbabwe Safari - Magical Land of Surprises

When my wife announced that Zimbabwe was on the agenda for our next Safari... I have to say that I was a little dubious about her choice of destination.

After all this was the land where death and disease lurked in every corner...

However the reality that is Zimbabwe stunned me.. The people are friendly, the economy is growing as a result of the conversion to US Dollar as the official currency - although South African Rands are also widely accepted. The wildlife is abundant and the landscapes vibrant and inspiring.

Everywhere we went, we were greeted with enthusiasm and exuberance and when questioned about the political situation, most locals had very little to say - Life goes on despite the reported political instability - the people are hardworking and not keen to comment on Robert Mugabe or his policies.

One of the biggest problems seems to be inadequate health care facilities and a shockingly high incidence of AIDS, poaching in the game parks is rife and clean water is not always guaranteed... but this is Africa and one must not compare it to more advanced Western countries.

Zimbabwe has helped create a nation of entrepeneurs who have done what they can with the little they have...

We\'ll definitely be back.

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