An African Canvas - features artworks & paintings by Peter Pharoah - contemporary South African Fine Artist Peter Pharoah - contemporary South African Fine Artist - his unique artworks of Africa's wildlife, tribal portraits and contemporary abstract original and prints.
Peter Pharoah's collection of contemporary fine art originals & prints features contemporary African portraits, wildlife and abstracts in his unique style.
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African Painted Dog Conservation will be auctioning a print by Peter Pharoah entitled 'Call of the Wild' at the Houston Zoo in April 2015
African Painted Dog Conservation will be auctioning a print by Peter Pharoah entitled 'Call of the Wild' at the Houston Zoo in April 2015
Rob, Peter Blinston, PDC Director, Cathryn and Jealous Mpofu, PDC Tracker
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African Painted Dog Fundraiser at the Houston Zoo, 17 April 2015

The Houston Zoo is hosting a speaker series night of "Wine and Wildlife" featuring African Painted Dogs on Friday, April 17th. The featured speakers are the Managing Director, Peter Blinston, and the Head Tracker, Jealous Mpofu, of Painted Dog Conservation (PDC) based in Zimbabwe.

After traveling with them last summer and becoming involved with PDC in 2013, we are confident that no single organization is doing more to protect this endangered species.

Please join us April 17 at the Zoo!

Also, we will host an after-party at our Houston home with Peter Blinston and Jealous Mpofu so RSVP if you are coming and I'll send details.

Tickets are only $30 for members and $35 for non-members and can be purchased online at:


We will be auctioning a special Giclee Print (pictured above) donated by South African Artist Peter Pharoah to benefit Painted Dog Conservation!

See you there

African Painted Dog researcher Peter Blinston fell in love with these unique dogs while watching documentaries growing up in his native England. He has been working to protect painted dogs for twelve years now and serves as Managing Director for Painted Dog Conservation.

An evening of wine and wild stories of African painted dogs.

Join us for an intimate evening of wine and stories of protecting the endangered African Painted Dogs in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

Friday, April 17, 2015, 6:30 – 8 p.m.
Doors open at 6:00 p.m.
Brown Education Center at the Houston Zoo

Read the Houston Zoo blog

January 2015 Event at the Houston Zoo.

From African legends of witches that turn into hyenas, to the Berbers of North Africa, who believe that to kill a dog stains a human soul forever - there is no record in myth or fact of a Painted Dog attacking or killing a human being.

One story has it that the dog tamed man - not the other way around. But after millions of years, it is man who threatens the Painted Dog with everything from poaching to weakening gene pools and fragmented habitats. Paradoxically, humans can steward them back from the brink of extinction - and in so doing, perhaps the dog will tame the man in truth.

Painted Dogs have struck a balance against the hyena, jackal and leopard, who are notorious thieves of the dog's hard-won food. They survive even the lion, an enemy that kills adults and pups alike. But today's modern killer awaits them, mostly in silence.

Ignorance, traps, and domestic diseases are their quiet "hunters". An empty road suddenly fills with a hurtling car and accidently hits a dog. In other instances, a driver knowingly swerves towards them with a fear passed through generations of unfounded prejudice. It has been proven that the loss of just one dog can devastate the whole pack.

Open snares, set by invisible hands, are often the act of desperate human conditions. The poaching trade - tragically heightened by food shortages, unemployment, and land reforms that move farmers into former wildlife preserves - is another uniquely human factor impacting on the dog's survival.

These canids are also referred to as African wild dogs or African hunting dogs. They are among the most endangered species in Africa, with less than 5,000 left in the wild. They hunt together in packs and live on a diet of mammals and small animals.

Scientific Name: Lycaon pictus
Range: Sub-Saharan Africa
Status in the Wild: Endangered
Cool Animal Fact: No two African painted dogs share the same pattern of red, yellow, white, brown, and black-colored patches of fur on their coats.

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