An African Canvas - features artworks & paintings by Peter Pharoah - contemporary South African Fine Artist Peter Pharoah - contemporary South African Fine Artist - his unique artworks of Africa's wildlife, tribal portraits and contemporary abstract original and prints.
Peter Pharoah's collection of contemporary fine art originals & prints features contemporary African portraits, wildlife and abstracts in his unique style.
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The Fifth Element by Peter Pharoah
The Fifth Element by Peter Pharoah
Does the painting pass the test...

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The Fifth Element by Peter Pharoah

So much energy, thought and passion goes into each painting. It gets stared at, poked, prodded; even dream't about until I think that all the pieces have fallen into place. But then, it has to pass the 'Oooh Ah' test...

This is of course, done very scientifically, the art critic - commonly known as my wife, Tracey, is brought into the studio blindfolded... Well, not really... but the effect is the same. She crosses the pond to my studio then averts her eyes and walks over to the designated spot where she says the best first impact will be achieved. But before she can bring herself to look and to quell her mounting anxiety, she takes a few deep breaths. Yoga breathing, she calls it; which she says is essential to the process as she wants to avoid becoming almost beside herself with anxiety. I am not sure whether this is because she knows our income relies on each painting being 'genius' or the fact that she knows she is totally incapable of faking the 'ooh ah' that is needed to liberate the painting from the studio and onto the gallery wall.

This is probably a little foolish as; not only is my wife a great art critic, but I am a firm believer in giving my best to everything I do. Sometimes, this is very frustrating as it means that even paintings that are working well (but not perfectly) get painted over or reworked as many times as necessary to make it through the 'Oooh Ah' test. This being done; the paintings are hung in our gallery in the Garden Route and if my wife has done her job well enough; the painting sells too quickly.

Yes, the contradiction is intentional, although the money is always nice; I do miss them and would like more people to see them before they are sold, which is why I hope to one day create a book as a retrospective; an opportunity to revisit some of my old favourites... Paintings that are now living in other parts of the world. The book will, I hope, provide me with an opportunity to allow others to experience my creations long after they have left the gallery.

I have begun compiling a selection of chosen few favourites from a list of many, the ones that I would most like to see live again... I'm looking forward to sharing them with you.

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