An African Canvas - features artworks & paintings by Peter Pharoah - contemporary South African Fine Artist Peter Pharoah - contemporary South African Fine Artist - his unique artworks of Africa's wildlife, tribal portraits and contemporary abstract original and prints.
Peter Pharoah's collection of contemporary fine art originals & prints features contemporary African portraits, wildlife and abstracts in his unique style.
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Stunning portrait study of a cheetah by Peter Pharoah. Mixed Media on canvas
Stunning portrait study of a cheetah by Peter Pharoah. Mixed Media on canvas
The studio floor
In the Studio - with African Encounters

With Temba - 3 panel oil on marine ply
Intellectual observations by Odi, our favourite critic.
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Peter Pharoah

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About Self Expression in paint...

‘A painting is like a good piece of music, it must be something special, something memorable and unique…’ Peter Pharoah, fine artist.

Deciding to pursue art full time gave Peter Pharoah an opportunity to explore oils as a means of boundless creativity, creating artworks filled with rich layers of colour that are impossible to achieve by simply mixing paint together. Opaque paint is lightly skimmed over a previous layer allowing the lower layer to show through in a mesmerizing mix of colour and texture. This unique and individualistic approach is as personal and distinctive as handwriting and is a hallmark of Peter's work.

‘The versatility of oils provides a creative freedom that’s not always possible with other mediums. I particularly enjoy abstracts, experimenting with textures and techniques that can be applied with brushes, knives, or even my fingers to achieve unconventional effects. Textures alone don’t make a painting - composition, colour, concept and design all play an integral part in the finished piece,’ says Peter.

Although Peter lives in Wilderness, he enjoys traveling to Africa in search of reference, finding inspiration in the tribal cultures, wildlife and breathtaking landscapes of Africa, all of which culminates in a rich tapestry of inspiring contemporary art. ‘Africa has a way of reaching deep into one's soul. The heat, dust and power fill the canvas with contrast and mystery. Africa is a constant source of inspiration, one needs not travel far to find a sense of harmony that feeds the soul and warms the spirit...’

Peter is working on a new collection inspired by a recent trip to Zanzibar. Visit The Pharoah Gallery overlooking Wilderness Lagoon and experience his bold tribal portraits, wildlife and abstract artworks. Limited edition giclee prints also available.

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